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  1. Darren Hawen

    32" Landing Nets

    https://barbel.co.uk/forum/threads/32-landing-nets.17630/post-271160 I got a 36" from him a little while back. Excellent net plus a solid spreader block.
  2. Darren Hawen

    Flavoured meat

    If sealing baits by frying, a leakage of what are you potentially preventing? I'm not a fryer myself and use meat as it is from the can.
  3. Darren Hawen

    Wanted spare spools x2 for 6000 OC's

    Thanks for the heads up Peter. Too late for me now though as spools already delivered. Cheers
  4. Darren Hawen

    Wanted spare spools x2 for 6000 OC's

    As per title, if anyone has any they'd like to re-home then please let me know. Cheers
  5. Darren Hawen


    3 for me this season, one club also has a good exchange ticket which gives me some more good river options so gives me water on the Thames, Wey, Loddon and Kennet to fish. Can't wait to get going this year.
  6. Darren Hawen

    Avon Roach Project turn their attention to barbel

    Some clubs are being proactive with regards to habitat improvement. A club I'm a member of thats done some great work on one of their Kennet stretches regarding gravels and flow is now seeing juvenile barbel (not dye marked) showing the last 2 seasons. Strimming the banks to make things look...
  7. Darren Hawen

    Hook keeper

    A thread from earlier this year Paul, might be of use. https://barbel.co.uk/forum/threads/keeper-rings.18763/
  8. Darren Hawen

    The Method

  9. Darren Hawen

    Hello from new member

    Welcome Kevin and good luck for the new season.
  10. Darren Hawen

    River Thames

    Oxford and District Angling Association maybe
  11. Darren Hawen

    Cork vs Duplon

    Cork all the way, well not quite all the way..