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Recent content by Alex Warren

  1. Alex Warren

    Specimen hunter books

    Hi I’m interested in: Search for Big Chub by Tony Miles Chasing Dreams by Tony Miles Falling in Again by Chris Yates Got the first and last on my kindle, but hard copies would be nice! Best fishes Alex
  2. Alex Warren

    Chub Rod Advice

    Agree completely, I think the 1.5tc 12ft covers most of the bases though. I probably would’ve considered the 1.25tc, but there are days when dropping down to a single maggot on a size 20 and bolt rig/large maggot feeder is all that works. I’d probably catch three times more trotting on these...
  3. Alex Warren

    Chub Rod Advice

    I got a couple of Drennan Super Specialist Twin Tip Duos back in the Summer. I’ve been using them for my Autumn & Winter chubbing this season and have been very impressed! I’ve only used them with the Avon top section, but the different quiver tips certainly add a bit of versatility, for those...
  4. Alex Warren

    National team funding

    I can think of plenty of outcomes and pressing issues that I would be more than happy to contribute more rod license fees to. Match fishing, or more specifically a national match fishing team isn’t one of them. I’ve got nothing against match fishing, but surely there are more immediate...
  5. Alex Warren

    Weather apps

    The BBC app is a bit of a harbinger of doom in my fishing area (Hants Avon & Dorset Stour). It’s never quite as bad as it makes out... The Met Office is accurate the majority of the time, but occasionally seems like they’ve got someone looking out of a window, updating according to what was...
  6. Alex Warren

    Your favourite Blockend feeders

    These half breeds worked well on an Autumn Wye trip for me, get your pellet mush/groundbait to the right consistency and you end up still bringing a small amount back in the feeder after a 30 min cast, which is what you want, in my book. They work out between £1.60 - £1.70 per unit depending on...
  7. Alex Warren

    Line choice

    I loaded up with ESP Syncro in 12lb bs back in June and have had no issues whatsoever. Good memory and strength. I don’t use flouro mainline, as I don’t think it’s necessary for my style of fishing (long-ish hooklengths and/or backleads), and there’s the cost factor. I know a couple of carpy...
  8. Alex Warren

    River monitoring apps.

    I use the EA .gov ones. If you have an iPhone, you can save websites straight to your home screen through Safari. Just go on the site, click the little icon at the bottom (box with arrow) and select ‘Save to home screen’. Viola. Levels, club forum, bfw at the touch of a button!
  9. Alex Warren


    I’m not 100% sure, but I think what3words is a lot more accurate in terms of precise location than a location share through iMessage or WhatsApp. I wouldn’t trust apple maps, especially. If I had a fall on the Avon or Stour and used it, they’d probably be looking for me on the Usk... The app...
  10. Alex Warren

    Float Rod

    That’s a deal and a half! And the 15ft is in stock on its own. Cheers, Clive.
  11. Alex Warren

    Float Rod

    https://www.total-fishing-tackle.com/greys-toreon-tactical-float?amp=1 15ft is sold out, which is what I had half an eye on, even before the significant price drop. Got a mate who has one in the 13ft and loves it!
  12. Alex Warren

    Jim Uftons new PB 18lb10oz

    Stunning fish. Well done!
  13. Alex Warren


    In all seriousness, I work in hospitality, so quite often do an ‘afd’ without eating anything. Whilst the idea of a Kelly kettle and homemade cake is appealing, I quite often don’t want to be weighed down with the baggage and make do with a sarnie or two (often shop bought). Maybe when I retire...
  14. Alex Warren


    I sustain myself for an all day session with: - x40 Benson & Hedges - x2 Flask coffee (strong, black) - An ever increasing sense of disappointment *Sometimes a McDonald’s on the way home.
  15. Alex Warren

    2 rod sleeve offering full rod protection?

    Santa got me the Drennan Specialist hardcase. Looks like a good bit of kit and has two side pockets and a pouch and Velcro strap for a brolly. Now need something worthy of protection to go in them now. Mark Tunley might be getting a call in 2020!