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Swim 3

Discussion in 'Swim Analysis - New' started by Paul Whiteing, Nov 23, 2016.

  1. Paul Whiteing

    Paul Whiteing Administrator

    Picture of a swim below. This is the only information you have. Imagine you've been blind folded and lead to this spot on an unknown river. You're looking downstream.


    How would you fish this swim, where would you put loose feed, where would you cast?

    Let's see how this one goes?

    12L does it for me :)
  2. Rhys Perry

    Rhys Perry Senior Member

  3. Gavin Hoe-Richardson

    Gavin Hoe-Richardson Senior Member

    Screams stick and pin for me. Mid-river cast from where the photo was taken and keep the feed trickling in. Bounce a bit of spam down as the light fades.
  4. Stephen Crowhurst

    Stephen Crowhurst Senior Member

    6K for me, looks like a shelf that would be fed on in confidence. Bit of finesse required though.
  5. Steve Prince

    Steve Prince Senior Member

    8D right next too Rhys bait , that would XXXX him off :)
  6. Mike Thompson

    Mike Thompson Senior Member

    2P for me. Never could cast well when I'm blindfolded.
  7. Tom Casey

    Tom Casey Senior Member

  8. Derek Funcks

    Derek Funcks Senior Member

    Halve a tin of garlic spam, size 2 hook, 11 q. :)
  9. Phil Maggs

    Phil Maggs Senior Member

    7Q single pellet with small pva mesh bag of pellets
  10. Mike Thompson

    Mike Thompson Senior Member

    Water looks quite clear and not too deep. Might be cover under the far bank bushes. I would trickle a few flakes of bread in the near margin, and if no sign of minnows, I would try a light link ledger with two maggots on a size 14 hook aimed at 9t.
    Knowing my luck it would get snaffled up by a small roach, but that's fishing for you !
  11. Craig Gagon

    Craig Gagon Member

    All over it with 5 kg of boilies .wait a week
  12. Phill Mcguire

    Phill Mcguire Senior Member

    B8 tight to the tree lower the rig down with a pva bag
    Keeping well back with the tip of the rod just on the edge
    sprinkle some loose pellet in and Waite
    30 minutes then move
  13. John Walker

    John Walker Senior Member

    k8+j8 o8+p8 and feed lightly above it so the freebies run down on the roots of weed bed